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3 Wheel Scooters

3 Wheel Scooters are very common and offer a superior turning radius. They are great for indoor use, because they are highly maneuverable. This maneuverability comes at the cost of stability though, so 3-wheeled scooters tend to not be able to support as much weight and will usually not do that well over non-regular surfaces.
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4 Wheel Scooters

4 Wheel Scooters are much more stable and great for outdoor use. They can support more weight and have much better balance than 3-wheeled scooters. This makes them much better suited to be used outdoors, but they have a larger turning radius, so might not be a good choice for indoor use in tight quarters.
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Heavy Duty Scooters

are very rugged and durable. They are almost exclusively 4-wheeled, but a few 3-wheeled models are available. They can be driven over almost any terrain and offer many upgraded features. These types of scooters also tend to have the highest weight rating with some supporting 500 pounds.
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